Our family chose Lori's School of Dance 4 years ago for our daughter who was challenged with sensory issues. We knew that she loved dancing at home and everywhere else she heard music play. We chose Lori's School of Dance for many reasons at the beginning:
  • Price-Lori's School of Dance is a cost-effective studio that offers affordable classes, costumes, recital fees, and everything is organized in an annual calendar that you receive at beginning of season so that you can budget for the dance season expenses.
  • Location-Lori's School of Dance is conveniently located off of Hwy 73 in Dutchtown close to the I-10 Praireville exit.
  • What they offer-Lori's School of Dance offers all types of genres from traditional to modern/contemporary/hip-hop dancing but maintains the foundations like ballet, tap, and jazz needed for classical training. We love that they teach children self-discipline and give them confidence at the same time. They help students who struggle with attention be more focused and organized. They have creative teachers who practice proper warm-ups and stretching before they begin. Safety is a priority at our studio.
LSoD faculty is dedicated in maintaining professionalism and selective in keeping their music and costumes age appropriate which has declined among many studios. They spend countless hours of personal time to prepare to help all the dancers meet their personal goals.
We continue to choose LSoD for our dancer because as she grows the studio grows also. We’ve become a dance family and this studio maintains an environment that promotes that type of relationship. The faculty inspires students inside and outside of the studio and teaches them how to enjoy the journey. They are truly doing what they love to bring joy to others. This makes Loris School of Dance the best choice!!!

Bernadette H., Mom